Remote work has gain huge popularity and has transformed the way we do ‘work’. Big or small-scale organizations have already embraced the idea that in the coming years, a considerable percentage of their workforce would be working remotely.

Employment Landscape

Looking at the employment landscape throughout the history, remote work has already been a small part of it because of the internet. Today, opportunities around remote working is now abundant. Remote working has also paved way to build companies, it may be as sole founder of a small company or a small company with a distributed team across all continents. Difference in timezone has not stopped people to be more flexible on how they work.

Technology-driven workplace

Technology has enabled remote working more flexible and customisable as more and more want to be more flexible in delivering work. With online tools for effective communication, project tracking, management and more, we now rely on technology to boost our effectiveness and efficiency.

Growing Digital Nomad Population

There’s a rise of so called digital nomads”, more common to be young professionals who work remotely and leverage the use of technology. They have embraced the nomadic lifestyle.


Remote work is a global phenomenon

One may think that remote working is just a trend specific to certain set of people however, the results are astonishing that more and more people from across different countries, different backgrounds, different industries has started to embrace remote working as the future of work.



Thinking about starting to hire a remote team? When launching your startup, there a million things that could go wrong, especially if you are outsourcing your work to a remote team. You need a reliable team who have experience of launching and scaling software applications.

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