One of the most challenging part and the most risky thing of a business is hiring. This is one of the stages that the company must go through in order to pick and decide who the best applicants are and pick for a certain position in the organization or company.

But in order for you to avoid this risky thing is you must first consider on how to evaluate important things that you need to know about your vendor specifically in looking for the right outsourced software development firm. The Philippines is known for as one of the top countries to hire remote workers. Hiring an outsourced software development firm could be risky decision but by doing this, there will be two effects, first is, if it’ll be done properly then it can improve the business and will help the future’s success of the company and on the other hand, it can also cause damage to the company if it is not properly planned.

In order for you to be successful in outsourcing software development firm you need to have enough time, money, and resources and of course make sure that the money you invested will not be wasted. Aside from ensuring the right vendor for the company which do have a competitive experience, expertise, right credentials, and technologies for the future projects, you should also make sure that you will have a strong working relationship with them.

Create a Checklist

In order for you to understand who the right remote team is for your company, you will need a checklist for these different areas.

Company Profile

It is a must for you to make sure that you are dealing with the reliable company. These set of questions will help you determine if they are really the right remote team for you. Finding an outsourced development firm is a long term project so you must ensure that these companies should be part in planning stage up to the success of the project.

  • Understand how many year they are in the software or web development business
  • Know how many years they have been offering their services to offshore countries
  • Allow them to describe their company’s business model.
  • What are your company’s main guiding principles? Know the company’s mission and vision and their guiding principles
  • Allow them to describe their key services for offshore clients
  • Allow them to describe their area of expertise
  • Ask them what sets their company apart from other software/web development firms

Ask for their Client List and References

For you to know if you are the evaluating the right vendor for your company is you must first consider who are their past clients, how did they deal with them in doing projects. Through this, you will know if they are really the fit vendor for the development team.

Other important factor that can help in knowing your vendor is to know what projects they have handled together with their past clients.

  • Know how many clients they currently have and how many projects they have accomplished
  • Allow them to describe the latest top three projects they recently finished
  • Ask for at least two references with contact information 

Get to know the Management Team

In looking for the right outsourced software development firm, you must also evaluate how the company manage their teams.

  • Let them describe their team processes
  • Understand the level of experience of the management team
  • Understand how they manage maintenance of the software

The Team

After knowing the level of expertise of their management team, you must also know how the individuals in their team works in their projects. In order also for you to know if these persons do have the right skills, right qualifications and related projects handled. These questions will help in knowing if these individuals can really go through with the project from start to finished.

  • The kind of training they provide to their employees
  • Understanding the skill sets of the team
  • Understand some contingency strategy to ensure continuous support for your project
  • Understanding how the company keeps up with the latest industry trends and technologies
  • Know whether they hire subcontractors to any work performed for a client

Development Processes

Every company has different processes in developing things in their company. These questions will help on how are their development processes connects to your organization’s future goals and for you to be ready for the communication issues that would come up in doing different projects in the future.

  • Understand what is their best practices and practices in software development and design
  • Understand how their reporting guidelines for deliverables 
  • Allow them to describe the process they went through for clients similar to what you are looking for or the time of project you have

App Security

With the presence of these following questions in evaluation process, it will help you on decision making process and be prepared on accountability, security, privacy, and data integrity issues that will occur during the projects duration.

  • Understand how the team protects their clients’ IP, source codes, and/or other sensitive information
  • Make sure you understand who owns the code, process, hardware, licenses, and other materials required in the project
  • Know what are the warranties do you provide for the intellectual property and work deliverables

The Total Project Cost

Total project cost is the sum of the total fund required to complete a business transaction and by making sure to discuss this early in the vendor’s evaluation process will give you an idea on how much is the total fund that is needed for the project.

  • Understand the pricing model for the type of project you want to build
  • Ask what are the recurring expenses that may arise in the course of the project
  • Ask for the payment schedule
  • Allow them to describe your time accounting and milestone management process

The Project Contract

During the company’s evaluation process, you must know what are the legal points and terms of the project. It is important especially if it will be outsourced outside the country like the Philippines.

These are questions that you could ask during the evaluation phase.

  • Understand the major legal points of the contract
  • Know the contract term, expiration, and renewal options especially after your project is done

Technology Stack and Tools

Tools that are used in doing the projects is one of the factor that needs to consider in order to have a high quality output. To request for the list of technologies that are being used can help you and will give you idea if those tools is fit for the projects and will help prepare for the collaboration of the internal team and vendors team.

  • Understand the project management tools they use
  • Understand how they are connected to the software industry. Whether they have some exposure to the current software industry in the Philippines 
  • Know the tools used by the company in its software life cycle to author the code, gather and report on code and quality metrics, bug tracking etc.

These are some helpful tips to ensure you are partnering with the right software development company in the Philippines. You may also use these helpful tips when you find any outsourcing company you want to work with. Working with a remote team and discussing everything virtually is know made possible with the trend towards working remotely thus, understand the best way to do it would help you ensure to have a successful project.



Evaluating your remote team is really essential, you will need to have a lot of effective strategies to help your team become successful.

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