Hiring is one part of the employee life cycle. It is also the most critical part that the organization must go through in order to bring someone who is deserving to be part of the company or organization.

To hire a remote team, especially from another country like the Philippines, is a little bit hard and tricky. You will need enough knowledge and the right process in order for your hiring stage to be effective. Hiring someone you don’t know who is from a different country with different culture and values could be the most challenging part but there are steps that you need to follow in order for you to have a successful hiring process.

Recruiting and Onboarding Your Development Team

These following steps could be a great help for you in achieving the right recruiting and onboarding process by Dan Norris, co-founder of WP curve .

1. Trigger – understand when you start to hire or not and then decide to start with the hiring process

2. Recruitment– find potential applicants from different channels, pre-screen those applicants, provide some trial stage, and make a hiring decision

3. Onboarding
– After deciding on who to hire, conduct an orientation with the new team member

Screening process is one of the most hardest part in the recruitment process especially when you hire remote employees and just do some virtual meet ups. You cannot see the candidates body language or listen on how the tone of their voices changes. But there is a step that you can follow in order for you to determine if a candidate is the right one for your company:

1. Schedule a call – Use video conferencing software like GoToMeeting, RingCentral, Skype or Google Hangouts to conduct live video calls, which are always more effective for you to test the culture and values fit

2.Technical Proficiency – Deepen the technical interview and administer a 2-4 hour technical exam using Codility or Technically Compatible. Then give the candidate a trial project.

It would be more complicated if you will recruit remotely for the non-technical roles. Programmers can objectively be tested on their output (code quality, analysis skills, logical skills).

HR department’s one important role in the company is hiring the right employee that is fit for the positions that are available. There are lots of methods that are available in hiring and recruiting remotely.

Topgrading is a method in hiring and selecting great remote colleagues, reading Who: The A-Method for Hiring, which also discusses how to coach and retain ‘A-players’. Here are a few tools from this structured approach that are very useful:

  1. Create a scorecard – Scorecards could help you understand thoroughly about the person you need and the performance you wanted to see. Using this tool, you must have a complete description of your expectations and outcomes for the position and describe the role you are looking to hire for.
  2. The telephone interview 
  3. Competency-based interview questions

With the help of these techniques, you can now hire effectively the best developers and development teams from the Philippines. In recruiting a great team never forget to use topgrading and an effective hiring process to make the process a successful one.



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