Ruby on Rails is a popular web framework that many startups choose to build their web applications. Companies and developers like Ruby on Rails because it allows them to develop applications quickly and deploy and maintain them easily. With it becoming a major part of technology stacks everywhere, hiring developers who know how to build applications within it can be especially difficult.

There are lot of techniques or resources that you should know in order for you to find them. As time passes by, technology also changes, there are lots of applications that are also upgrading and one of that is Ruby on Rails. Ruby on Rails is becoming a critical skill for the current and upcoming developers but if you have the luck and courage to find and hire them then they can really bring a huge success in the company.

If you are looking to hire a Ruby on Rails developers from the Philippines, here are a few tips to help you stand out in a crowded market and help you find your next great Ruby on Rails developer to launch your startup.

Where to find Ruby on Rails developers in the Philippines


LinkedIn is a great resource for finding talent. There are two ways you can find someone for your project. First, you can conduct a simple search for “Ruby on Rails Philippines” or “Rails Philippines” brings up the option to look for people who have these terms in their skills. From there, you can narrow down by location, company, and more.

Work with a Reputable Agency

Since trust and personality are such a huge part of the puzzle, it helps to have established relationships. Bootyard is a Ruby on Rails development shop for startups based in the Philippines. With more than 7 years of working with clients from around the world, they can help streamline the process of building your Ruby on Rails web application or an MVP of your product. When you don’t know someone personally or through your network, staffing agencies can be a great way to get your foot in the door with potential hires.

Attend Events

attend event (1)Since developers like to know who they are working with, connecting with them through Meetups, networking events or Ruby specific conferences like Ruby Conf Philippines and events is a great way to find qualified candidates. The benefit of meeting someone in person is that you can quickly get a feel for whether or not they will be a good fit. Attending events also demonstrates your interest and commitment, which is important to developers. This will also help you in exploring new ideas and new experiences in order to deepen your knowledge in development team.

In order to look for the right Ruby on Rails developer, events will be one of your guide to pursue that goal. These are the list of events that will help you in finding Ruby on Rails developers in the Philippines that will also give you a bit of idea on how how they are using the framework.

RubyConf Philippines

RubyConf Philippines  was held in Panglao Bohol this year. Yukihiro Matsumoto, founder of Ruby programming language, was there as a keynote speaker. You get to network and find the best Ruby and Ruby on Rails developer community to this event.

RubyConf Philippines 2017.jpg

Ruby on Rails Code Camp (Professionals) by Devcon

Ruby on Rails Code Camp (Professionals) is a whole day workshop in partnership with Convonaut, Bitspace and Brainsparks that aims to enable professionals to learn basic Ruby on Rails (RoR) development.

devcon screenshot (1)

Ruby on Rails Code Camp (Students Edition) by Devcon

Ruby on Rails Code Camp (Students Edition) is a whole day workshop in partnership with Ruby Users Group Philippines (PhRUG) that aims to enable students to learn basic Ruby on Rails (RoR) development.

Women’s Ruby on Rails Study Group-Ruby Fundamentals by Women Who Code Manila

women who code (1).jpg

Job Boards

Looking for the right employee is one of the biggest challenge for an employer. Job boards can be a very long way to find a developer but when all else fails they get the job done. There are good places that will help you find high quality candidates and be confident enough to work with and these are, Ruby Inside and Ruby Now. These sites will also help you to be focus on looking for the right developer for your company.


Hubstaff  will also help you in searching for the right candidate for your dev team and finds those candidates that will fit for the projects that you will be handling. After giving you the background information you needed from candidate then you can already have the chance to interview them and look for the right developer for you Rails project.

hubstaff screenshot (1).jpg

How to qualify a Ruby on Rails developer

After a long process of waiting and finding for the right Ruby on Rails developer, qualifying them in different areas will be the next step for you to do in order to choose who really fits for the projects. These are some tips that will help you in this qualifying stage.

Check out the code

check the code (1).jpg

Since, coding is one of the basis on how developers works. Then this must the first step to do in order to find if they are good in coding, their past projects will be a great proof for this one.

Get references

references (1)

In order for you to get an idea on what they are like to work with, you must make sure to get references from their  past clients or you can also see references on their LinkedIn profiles.

Finding and hiring for the right Ruby on Rails developers is a little bit hard especially if you’re not familiar with the country like Philippines. But if you will make time to look for the right resources and ways that would help you to find them then it will not be hard for you to do it. With the right resources and a little bit effort, you will find the right Ruby on Rails developer that will bring long-term success in your company.



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