Here a list on what you need to know in order to qualify a Ruby on Rails developer from the Philippines.

1) Good communication

The most important thing when hiring Ruby on Rails developers from the Philippines is to ensure that you communicate with them effectively. They must be both good with oral and written communication.

2) Internet Connection

internet connection

Most entrepreneurs who hire Ruby on Rails developers from Philippines hire from big cities, like Manila. Due to the congestion of people on these cities, internet tend to be pretty bad. Hiring a Ruby on Rails developer from Cebu, Davao or other smaller cities maybe a better option as long as they have good internet.

3) Development Experience

Experience is the best teacher. So, if a developer have enough work experience using Ruby on Rails then this would be a great advantage. Because this framework needs it before you can used with other web technologies. It would be preferable if the developers have more than 3 years of experience in the company using with Ruby on Rails.

4) Portfolio and Expertise

For you to know more about the applicants you must know also what are the projects that they have done, like websites or applications. Experiences in other industry will also matter and you must also know their skills and expertise if it will be relevant for you particular project.

5) What Technologies are they using or have used?

In order to have a background on the technical aspect of a developer, one thing you must know and be aware is the technologies or applications that they’ve used or they’re using. Knowing these things will give you an idea on how to select the right technologies that would fit for you desired developer and  for your organization in order to solve problems effectively and efficiently.

6) Quality Testing.

testing (1)

To achieve the best output is to test and make sure that it is 100% working.This will also help in preventing from problems that will occur especially bugs. Doing this will also give clients a confidence in using the particular output.

7) Management expertise and systems.

By asking questions about experiences will also help you point out any risks, suggest right solutions for a particular project that will be based on resources and requirements and suggest best practices and features of the management. Lean development is important in order to decrease programming efforts and to minimize defects for a certain project.

8) Communication

communication photo (1)

Communication is one important thing in order to have a good relationship. Through the use of email, phone or any chat applications are tools in maintaining connections between the developers and the company.

9) In-House expertise

In-House experts for Web design and usability, Front-End development, Back-end development and Digital Marketing experts are important to be part of a web development company because this will help them to be good and these are the most critical part to have a successful  development.

10) Free Trial and Guarantees

Before hiring developer in a full-scale development, you must first test them on a small project or any project that  test their skills. Through this test, it will help you know if they have the quality of becoming a developer. Test developers many times and choose the one that performs best.

11) Location

In order to have a quick communication, it would be better to choose a developer with the same time zone. However, when it comes to hiring from the Philippines, just work around on schedules where we can have a quick standup call. Location must not stop you once you find the right talent.

Hope this list helps you find the best remote developers from the Philippines.



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