In managing remote software developers from the Philippines, hiring and connecting a team of developers from the Philippines is only the beginning. The primary task will be monitoring work output, oversight of quality and timelines, and management of worker time and activity.

An Overview of Remote Software developers from the Philippines

While there is not a single formula for managing remote teams, there are several acknowledged best practices to keep in mind, as outlined in the Harvard Business Review:

  • Set expectations for communication and productivity

    “As the manager, you need to set clear, deliberate expectations in advance and establish ground rules for how interactions will take place” says Ferrazzi, the founder and CEO of Ferrazzi Greenlight. He also added that if you will fail in doing this, “things will break down immediately”. This idea of Ferazzi, will also give an idea on how to establish your work with accountability in order to reach a certain work goal.


  • Use the same performance metrics for all team members

    In order to have an equal treatment, there must only one performance metrics to be used in order to track the certain working progress of the each team member


  • Visit team members regularly, but especially when they begin their work role.

    Through visiting team members, this will give them idea that they truly matters to the team and their work are being appreciated also. At least meeting your remote team once a year is enough in order to make them all feel they are part of the team.

    visiting team members (1)


  • Establish regular communication schedules, and rotate meeting times to accommodate time zone differences

    In handling remote development team, you will be dealing with different time zones so you must know how to communicate them or meet them with a specific schedule. A useful tool to track time zone differences is World Time Buddy.



  • Create a culture of familiarity and inclusiveness 

    To deepen your know about your other team members, it also important that you share informations or experiences that are not related to work, like hobbies, interest or weekend plans.

  • Unite the team members around a shared goal and report progress regularly

    Though the team has different time zones, it is still important to make sure that they’re still working as one, with a common goal.

    united team (1)


Tips in Managing Software developers from the Philippines

  • Hire workers that have experience working remotely
  • Be more transparent than usual in communicating company objectives and management priorities
  • Hold monthly (or more frequent) video calls with all of the team members at one time
  • Focus on results, as a constant reminder of the team’s purpose
  • Let your developer solve problems with a set time limit and it is important to get problems solved.
  • Take recruitment and training effectively
  • Use a reliable and comprehensive information system
  • Always make time to review code and documentation that are already done.
  • Good communication lines is essential. Encouraging developers to contact you for any feedback will help your remote dev to take longer. Issues should also be resolve as soon as possible
  • Always make sure to have an actual dates or due dates for a clear achievement
  • Expectations should be clear in order to ensure understanding.
  • Projects or any works should be test immediately and carefully
  • Always remember to embrace and encourage diversity
  • In handling Remote dev team is risky and you must really trust your instinct for you to overcome it. Important thing to remember is that if you and developers are experiencing frustrations then you must find ways to controls those things especially when they don’t engaging to their work.


Methods to connect with of Software developers from the Philippines 

Keeping team members connected is an essential part of managing a successful remote team.  The use of the communication tools listed in the next section of this guide will help to create a sense of “virtual teamwork” and shared purpose.

  • Focus on what are their achievements and not with when they’ve achieved it.
  • Hire the right people
  • Set a specific schedule of visits or check-ins
  • Make ways to connect with the whole team
  • Set your expectations clearly
  • Always make sure that every member feels that they’re part of the team

Motivating Software developers from the Philippines

Motivation of remote teams will depend upon the degree of inclusiveness and connection they feel.  Some team members may initially be motivated by the income and relative freedom of remote work, but over time will also require reinforcement of their value to the team and company.  Regular reviews and evaluations can help individual team members to stay motivated, and working toward clear team goals will keep the remote team motivated as a whole.

  • Give opportunities to employees and implement recognition program
  • Make sure to have a communication and also give a positive feedback
  • Establish systems for work performance
  • Know how to recognize accomplishments
  • Set schedule for coaching sessions

Maximizing Remote Software developers from the Philippines

Individual and team performance will be the ultimate measure of the remote team’s success, and reaching established goals should be a constant priority.  Remote employees should be hired with the expectation that they will be compensated and retained based on performance and productivity, similar to an office-based worker.

  • Know the level of communication, take time to improve communication
  • Implementation of systems or workflows
  • Build a strong relationship with the whole team
  • Give team members the time to decide on their own
  • Be united in solving problems or issues


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