Building and managing remote team is not an easy task, you will need to have enough knowledge and effort in doing it. Hiring the right people is one of the challenge to make your remote dev team successful. Remote team has different tactics in tracking their milestones. Being on track with the achievements is one reason why team members are motivated to do their roles in the dev team.  One way of establishing and monitoring milestones is through online checklist boards such as Trello or Basecamp, which allow team members to communicate, post work product and signal project progress. These resources are far more preferable than the classic group email that can go to many pages of replies from team members.

These are some tools that you can use to stay on track with your dev team

1.) Slack is a cloud-based set of team collaboration tools and services, founded by Stewart Butterfield. Slack is where work happens. It is a digital workspace used by teams in order to communicate with each other. It has also different channels that you could add depending on the size of your team.


2.) Trello is a team collaboration tool that makes your work organize everything and be on track with your projects tasks. This will really works for remote team because anyone in the company will just look for trello boards and know what are the things that need to do and to be accomplished.


3.) Async is an internal tool built by Zapier where they can find important conversations that get lost in the fast paced Slack. It acts as a archive for anyone on the team to reference old discussions and replaces internal email.

4.) Github – GitHub is a web-based Git or version control repository and Internet hosting service. It is used to review code, manage projects, build software along with the developers.

github screenshot (1)5.) LastPass Enterprise enables employees to create and remember a single strong password which they use to login once. Since, it is important for a dev team to have an access for any infos in the company, this will be a great tool for the dev team.

lastpass screenshot (1)

6.) Google docs and Hackpad – Google docs is common for documentation, sharing of documents like contracts or any records that are existing in the company. Hackpad is a web-based collaborative real-time text editor.

google docs screenshot (1)

hackpad screenshot (1)

7.) GoToMeeting – It is an online meeting, desktop sharing, and video conferencing software that enables the user to meet with other clients, customers or computer users through internet  in real time.

gotomeeting screenshot (1)8.) HelloSign – is the world’s leading free eSignature platform. Which allows you to send and receive electronic signatures securely with an end-user solution.

hello sign screenshot (1)



“A tool is only as good as it’s user.” 

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