As the years go by, tech is also upgrading. Whenever and wherever you are, there are tools that are available for you to use in order to stay connected with your friends, family or even with your team or company. Entrepreneurs or business minded people usually ground themselves to their office and limit their travels in order to focus on the success of their company’s operations. Companies and entrepreneurs believe that there are a lot of tools available that they can used in order to managed and tracked their team’s milestones wherever they are in the globe.

Through the availability of these tools, entrepreneurs or remote team will have an easy access with their team’s important stuffs and can easily manage their co team members from across the globe.

Setting up a remote team is a bit hard and challenging but here are some tools that can help you to make it possible:

1.) Basecamp – is a popular project management tool that helps you to manage and organize your projects, stay connected with your team, and be in touch in the collaboration aspect of your team. This tool will also keep your team members to be updated on the status of different projects.

basecamp screenshot 2 (1)

2.) Dropbox – is a file hosting service, wherein you can store and access your important files, such as docs, photos or videos anywhere and share it safely with your co team members. This tool is essential for remote team not just because it used for sharing files but it can also help in retrieving and updating your important files that are being used with your remote team.

dropbox screenshot (1).jpg

3.) Join me – it is a web-based collaboration software application for screen-sharing and online meeting. This tool is fit for remote team because it is an easy to use software with a simple interface.

join me screenshot (1)

4.) Trello– In managing a remote team, staying on track with your team members milestones is important. Trello is one great tool for that. Trello is a visual collaboration tool wherein it helps team to be organized on different projects or tasks and will also help you to prioritize stuffs that are essential in your team’s success.

trello screenshot (1)

5.) Toggl–  is a time tracking application, allows you to track time through browsers or computers. This is commonly used by entrepreneurs in order for them to track their daily tasks or projects’ productivity.

toggl screenshot (1)

6.) Skype – is another well-known tool. It is an online messaging app that provides online text messages and video chat services. Managing remote team with different time zones is a bit hard, but with the use of this tool, team can easily communicate with the other team members through video chat or conferencing.

skype screenshot (1)

7.) Evernote –  it is an application used for note taking, organizing, and archiving important infos in a company or organization. It is essential for remote teams since you will have a quick access and will become organized to different important documents that are needed for your whole remote team.

evernote screenshot (1)

8.) Freemind- Organizing your ideas for your remote team is little bit hard. But with the use of freemind- a mapping application. This will give you the versatility to organize your thoughts and will give you idea on how to use it on larger picture.

freemind screenshot (1).jpg

9.) Paypal – it is an online payment system that allows you to pay, send money and accept payments. This tool is important to use especially for those working abroad in order to have a safe and secure money transaction.   

paypal screenshot (1)

10.) Zendesk – it is a customer service software, allows you to track all interactions which is important especially when you are working remotely.  

zendesk screenshot (1)

11.) Time Trade – it web-based appointment scheduling software, which allows your client to be stay on track with your different schedules. Through the help of this tool, you can easily manage and allocate your time with your other co team members and of course with your most important clients.

 timetrade screenshot (1)

12.) Pingdom – is a service that allows user to monitor website’s availability and performance. This tool is essential for a team in order to have a fast and reliable monitoring needed for your  websites or web applications.

pingdom screenshot (1)

13.) Prey – is a web service tool use for tracking and monitoring laptop, desktop computers and other electronic devices.

prey screenshot (1)

14.) Bluehost  is a leading web solutions services provider which is an essential technical support for your hosting service. This will also help you in fixing some important stuffs in your company.

bluehost screenshot

15.) Prezi – In managing a remote team, you cannot avoid that you will be dealing or meeting with different clients. Using this tool, Prezi, you will not be worried in creating beautiful presentations that is essential in your team’s success.

prezi screenshot (1)



“A tool is only as good as it’s user.” 

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