Working remotely has been a common work setup for some people and some industries especially with software development and web design and it won’t stop anytime soon. There are a lot of benefits that remote work offers like flexible working hours, great talent pools and lower costs for employers, for example.

If you are a founder running your startup remotely and looking for a pool of web designers, UI/UX designers, remote work setup is ideal for you and your future remote design team. Designers working virtually will now have a more convenient way in doing their work at their most comfortable work stations. A remote designers’ output won’t be compromised with a remote work setups thus, is a great part to be in your remote team.

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Remote Design Job

Remote design job setup is common nowadays. Setting up design team remotely is not that easy. It will take a lot time and effort to make it work. You need to build some design process that both you and your designer would be able to implement. The question is, are you ready to be embrace the possibility of hiring a remote design team?

These four key recommendations will help to make remote design work for your team.

1.) Strategize for different settings – to have an effective communication and extensive plan is a way to make your remote design team successful. Having a different strategies could help in looking for the right tactics that would fit for the team. Meeting your teammates and have time to check your different design output will be a good strategy in the collaboration aspect of your design team.

2.) Maintain your digital workspace– maintaining an office needs a lot of time and effort. A great workspace is another factor why employees become productive and effective in doing their different work role. But on remote setup, tool is essential. You will need to focus on looking for the right tools and services that would fit for your team’s digital workspace.

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3.) Rethink methods– in building your remote design team is not just about the tools and services you are using, you will also need to have another set of methods to make your team members grow in their different tasks and projects. To plan out and to have a set of time for an activity for your participants would help them to be more engaged with the team.  

4.) Leverage digital formats for better results– to be in a remote setup is a big advantage. You will have a lot of tools that could help you to make a high quality output. With the use of different technologies and tools, it is more convenient in sharing and distributing your output within your teammates. Creating conversations about design, exploring different methods, and being transparent in doing your work, are some examples that could help to make your design work a great output.

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At Bootyard, our projects are design-led. We start everything through design ideas of our client and ends up as design implemented code in the app. We use design sprint to understand our client’s problems, validate assumptions about their products, and build products that fit their user’s need.

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