Gone are the days where productivity is only measured when you work physically in the office. As a startup founder, there’s this fear of losing operational control on the day to day activities when you are not in the office. However, with the new wave of work lifestyle called “remote working” and the success stories shared by many startup founders like Matt Mullenweg, founder of WordPress that powers 28% of the internet, we asked how can we run a successful startup remotely with developers spread around the world?

Philippines as a top destination to hire talented developers

Philippines is considered a top destination to hire skilled developers and designers. What’s great about these Filipino talent is not just how fluent and conversational they are in speaking English, but also culturally, they are known as hardworking people. Skill sets are also very diverse. You can find Java, PHP, Python, iOS, Android, Ruby, Ruby on Rails developers from the Philippines that are competent enough to scale your startup.

Let’s take a look at these tips on how to run your startup remotely with developers from the Philippines

Hire the right people.

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Searching and hiring the right people for your remote team really needs enough time and effort. You need to have and follow certain guidelines to achieve and get the right people for your remote team. In the Philippines for example, you need to verify whether the candidate has the skills and experience working in a remote setting to ensure you that this developer would be able to help scale your startup. By using the right hiring strategies like using a structured interview process and be dynamic with your recruitment efforts could be a great start.

Giving some benefits like flexible working hours and a lighter workload, will also help your team find the right people. You should also hire those self-motivated people and not just those who have the technical skills but also those people who have the right attitude which is the most important factor that an employee must have. Creating and writing better job descriptions and improving your interview process are other tips to make your hiring phase for your remote team a productive one.

Set clear goals and objectives

To have an effective communication, it is essential that each member of a company or a team must know their different expectations. Each team member should be mindful of on what they will do and why they will do it. Giving your team members the idea on what will be their impact in the whole team’s production will help them to be motivated in doing their work roles in the team.

Knowing the right planning process, giving your employees the right guidance, and know the effective evaluation process of your team’s performance will also a great help in attaining your goal. Setting your goals and objectives clear is a step that will lead you to a great accomplishments.

Provide regular feedback

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One way to uplift the sense of motivation of an employee is through an encouraging feedback on their work. It is essential to have a regular feedback for each employee especially in a remote set-up in order for them to know what is the status on the task or project that they are doing. This is also one way to make your team member aware if their projects or tasks assigned to them went well or might need some improvements. Set a schedule for your team member’s performance evaluation.

Filipinos in general are not confrontational people. Thus, giving time to listen and encouraging your developers to talk and share their thoughts during one-on-one meetings should be given with utmost preparation.

Create a checklist for your team

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In managing remote team with different time zones, it is possible that you will be giving the same tasks for your different developers and you will need to make sure that those developers will have a certain guidelines to follow in terms of standards and implementation.This will help them not to be confused if they will be dealing other tasks or projects in the future since the process is already recorded. For you to have an easy delegation and collaboration of tasks or projects with your team members, create a checklist for each project or task and forward them to all team members involved. Knowing your remote team members’ milestones is important. This will be a great help for them to be more inspired in doing their works. By using collaboration tools like Jira- which will help you in tracking issues with your product and Github and Bitbucket- both are web based hosting service that will help you in building better software for your remote team.

Don’t expect your team to be available 24×7

In a remote setup, employees will really enjoy their work roles because there’s no specific time that you they will going to follow. Allowing them to do their works on a specific time with the clear set of objectives and deadlines, you will obtain a great result.  In a remote team, you cannot track the working hours of your members but you can track down with their final output of their different projects or tasks. It’s better to have an assessment on their final output rather than knowing the number of working hours. Achievers in your team usually celebrates in such situation while a substandard hire can be simply recognized by looking at the final output.  

Use the best online tools available

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In remote team, it is important to get the best technology tool that is available. For screen sharing and video call, you can use Skype, Join.me or Google Hangouts. Just make sure your team has enough bandwidth at their home office to ensure smooth video calls.

For your team to have an easy conversation and consultation of projects, you can use Basecamp. For sharing of files or important documents, you can use Google Drive and Dropbox. Hubspot or Nutshell can be used also if you want your team to improve your marketing aspect. For an easy collaboration of projects and tasks with your other members, Trello would be the easiest one and it’s FREE. Making sure that you have the right tools will alleviate the potential problems that may occur in doing different projects with you remote team. This tools will also help you to have an organized and a well managed team.

It is not easy to run your startup with a remote team. With constant practice and improvement, you’ll be able to find the right approach and the sweet spot that would make your startup work despite the differences of location for your team. You’ll never know you might find the most qualified people in the most unexpected places.



When launching your startup, there a million things that could go wrong, especially if you are outsourcing your work to a remote team. You need a reliable team who have experience of launching and scaling software applications.

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