Twitter, Shopify, Crunchbase, Groupon, Bloomberg.

Why are these some startup companies choose to use Ruby on Rails in building their products?

Rails is a framework that was built in order to design and develop web apps and essential to have a high level of structure over a very polished programming language: Ruby.

Ruby can be a short and confusing programming language and web app code, but it has given an enjoyment to many developers and coders in doing their different projects. With RoR framework developers and other tech people will have an ability to help the power of Ruby to actively and directly generate well built and high quality web applications using other different programming languages and technologies like CSS and HTML files.

Ruby on Rails is already a mature product. Using this framework in building your web applications give you lots of advantages over using Ruby by itself.

So let us take a look some reasons why startup companies uses RoR and get some idea in building your future web application.

1.) An easy to Learn Language and Framework

Rails are said to be easier to learn than other programming languages because of its simple use of English-like-syntax and and common language. Rails is easier to read which help developers or programmer keep away from a very time-consuming task of writing out comments or help text. Rails is definitely good for beginners since it is easier to learn than other languages as the language is very easy to understand and you can get learnings right and ultimately, you won’t need to spend much time in understanding syntax rules and complex terms.

2.) Faster Development, Faster Iteration Rails development is fast

Ruby on Rails  gives a strong infrastructure that would take time and energy to generate from scratch. So it will fasten the development time since you only spend a little time in configuring files for set-up. Many startup companies are using Rails these days because of using convention over configuration approach, wherein it enables developers to an easy and quick development process while maintaining the base software requirements.

 3.) Rails has a strong focus on Automated Testing

Testing is one of the method and basis in building a strong web application. The Ruby community has a tough culture of developers and programmers writing tests for their code. These tests are the lines of code that are essential in ensuring that the other lines of codes are working in a right way. The concept of code testing could be unclear for those non developers. In tech world, as any software projects grow, it becomes uneasy to keep updated of all the rules and requirements. The code bugs could affect or could damage to your business, this is one reason why automated testing is essential.

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  4.) Rails is a RESTful Architecture

What is a Restful Architecture?

– resources being manipulated using a common set of verbs: HTTP methods are the commonly seen case – the distinguished Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete becomes POST, GET, PUT, and DELETE. 

When the applications use this architecture they are known as RESTful applications. The architecture has proved to be known choice for creating Web Services. Rest is essential because of its simplicity and concept. Rails, as a framework, is naturally RESTful and makes creating a REST API an easy one. A REST API defines a set of functions which developers can perform requests and receive responses via HTTP protocol such as GET and POST. 

5.) Rails is Secure

There are lot of ways to hack a website and the Rails team consistently implements new security features to keep Rails apps secure. Aside from the advantage of saving developer time, setting security at the framework level helps to safeguard that security measures get sufficient attention, which is essential if the developer don’t have much experience with web security concepts. Rails is are not just a secure framework, but it has support from a big global community who are always releasing updates in order to keep it as secure as possible.

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