Before discussing the “How”, let’s talk about the “Why” first. Why should you hire offshore Ruby on Rails developers?

The cost, is obviously the main reasons. It is much cheaper to hire developers overseas. Why pay for an expensive developer, when you can get the same work done for a quarter of the cost, or less, from another country?

This the reason why a lot of entrepreneurs are working with developers from the Philippines and around the world — work relationships that happen entirely online.

Communication is one of the essential factor in building your remote team. It will take an individual skillset since you are not working on face-to-face basis and a big factor of that is you will learn on how to assess freelancers and manage a remote interview.

In tech world, communication is important in order to have an effective collaboration and in order to produce a high quality output with your other team members. But the question is how will you connect with someone you need in order for your remote team to succeed. Here are some tips that could help you.

Write a precise Job Description

In hiring your RoR developers, a remote interview is not really the first step. Getting connected with them through email, chat or reviewed their past projects could be the initial introductions expected in finding the right RoR developer for your team.

But it should start with an amazing job post, which should be:

  • Readable
  • Short and comprehensive- with clear objectives
  • Complete  – which includes the specific projects you need and any deadlines

In building you remote team you want great developers, regardless of what tools they are most comfortable with. Don’t constrain the job description to “Ruby on Rails Developers”. Any developer worth hiring will learn your specific languages and tools quickly. In a short run, a fast ramp up time is an advantage, but in the long run, having great folks more than makes up for slower ramp up.

Also, don’t call them “programmers.” it is an out of date term that sends a message that you see the role as very narrow, just writing code vs. helping crack tough business problems, work with users and product managers, etc. Good people want to feel like “capital, not labor”.

Be very clear that, although you have a strong point of view on what product you are building, you assume the plan will change multiple times and need folks who can help navigate that change.

Tell folks a lot about the company and business and be open and transparent as soon as you start interviewing. Good developers want to be somewhere where they can see the big picture and get career growth opportunities. No want to “sit in the basement and write code” for long.

Create a shortlist

Before you start the assessment process for your RoR developer, you must know what are the most important factor you need to have in building project.

For example:

  • How will you communicate with business partners?
  • Do you need some outputs in individual file formats?
  • Do you have a strong deadline


These information are part of your standards for selecting best proposals and know the developer who’s the best fit. Review including them in your job post so freelancers will be able to know whether they’ll be a good match or not.

When the proposal starts coming, you should set a brief screening process that will help easily know developers who will be a good fit for your team. This might include skills, experiences related to the position needed, clients comments and area.





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