In building your remote startup team, it is already expected that you’ll be spending some money to make your business possible. From licenses, permit fees, equipment, the costs or expenses could increase quickly.

But tech people is very fortunate, since there a lot of cheap and even free technology tools that will not just help you to save money but will also enhance your company’s efficiency and productivity. And because they are just available online it will be a great advantage especially those people who are working in different remote locations or offices.

Since there are a lot great tools available, here are 10 of best tools that you can use to make your startup business succeed.

1.) Basecamp -this project management tool will help you manage projects and keep your teams on the same page. It also help you to be organized and be able to communicate and collaborate with your teammates in doing different projects.

basecamp image (1)


2.) Trello– Trello is an essential tool use to collaborate with your team in order to produce a high quality output. It enables you to create different cards, comment and attach some files, which will help you to stay on track on doing different projects together with your whole team.

trello screenshot (1)

3.) Asana– is another collaboration tool created by Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz and ex-engineer Justin Rosenstein. This tool is essential for your team because it will help you to have a speedy workflow and manages projects in one place.

asana image 1


4.) Box and DropBox– both collaboration tools that offers unlimited file storage with a secure access to files across devices. You may check out to this  link to choose what might be fit for your team.

box screenshot (1)

dropbox (1)

5.) Google for Work– Google has a popular suite of tools that helps business work well. The suite includes: Gmail for emails, Drive for sharing and storage of files, Docs for word processing, sheets, slides for presentation making, and Hangouts for voice and video calls.

google for work

6.) DocuSign– if you are dealing with lot of documents like contracts that need to be signed, this tool would be great help for you. It allows you to sign and send documents electronically.

docusign (1)


7.) Jira and Confluence– these products are both made by Atlassian and are generally used by developers to help manage the development process. Jira is used to track and resolve bugs while Confluence is used for collaboration and management of projects and also use to store and share informations like product requirements.

jira screenshot (1).jpg

confluence (1)

8.) Snagit a useful tool that will help you to capture video display and audio output and share it with someone you like.

snagit screenshot (1)


9.) InVision– a great tool for collaborating on design drafts into shareable interactive prototypes. And also a great collaboration tool in collecting comments from teammates and clients.

invision screenshot


10.) Flowdock– a collaboration tool that usually used by developers, which has a chat and messaging features that will help you discuss projects and share essential files as a team.

flowdock screenshot (1).jpg



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