Idea Stage

You are a developing entrepreneur and have an idea of a product or service and you need to turn into a business. At this stage, the expertise of your software development company is the main value that you can get in order for your startup have an effective workflow. It is essential to know the feasibility of your idea and be wise in choosing the right technology stack that will help to achieve your business goals in the most effective and efficient way.

idea stage (1)

The first communication is an essential step in building relationship with your future software development partner. It is also important that in this stage you must make sure that these things must be discussed in order for your team create a high quality output. Such as, business goals and limitations of project, Monetization – which is the process of converting or establishing something into legal tender, your target audience, and ultimately, your supported platforms and devices in order to create a logical set of project documentation to start with.  

MVP Stage

You have a business plan, goals, and constant vision of the product, and you need to create and develop a Minimum Viable Product or MVP in order to enter the market. So the value focus change from technical expertise to talent- the right people that can help create your product.

planning (1)

At this stage, you will have to face lots of choices such as hiring a freelancer or outsourcing software development to a well established company. At this case, you will be dealing with different things like hiring and motivating your team, organize your office space, build work processes and many other things, which will take a lot of your time and effort and so disturbs you from your main goal- to satisfy your customers and clients’ needs.

Working with professional software development team does really solve the huge majority of these problems than hiring a freelancer will not be a good choice for this matter. Your software partner gives you everything you need to start the development immediately, reducing your product’s time to market, and minimize unimportant costs is the right solution for a limited budget. 

Experienced Startup

Once you have created your software product which is already accepted in the market, you will need a reliable team that will help you to perform continuous product development. Your software dev team is essential since they have the technology expertise, talent and of course teamwork.

There are a lot of ways that your software dev team partner can help you especially to your growing needs.

  • You’ll get the whole cycle of product development
  • You’ll get a project manager which will help you to easily connect between the product owner and the team
  • The project knowledge is highly confidential
  • Your team can be measured quickly along with your business, the employee can be immediately replaced in case of need
  • Your software partner is reliable, they have the right character and they have the  professional method to information security.


Scaling the business

As your product continues to develop and get some new market shares, it becomes not just technically complicated, but it also follows your organizational structure. A lot of stakeholders will come out, and lots of teams will collaborate on the promotion and developing stage of your product.

scaling (1)

Because of this technological problem, the market will have a very tough expectations about your product. The main need of this stage is to ensure the daily delivery of your product.

For you to manage this problem and ensure that there is a daily product delivery under these hard situations, the biggest value that your software team must do is to make sure a high quality processes for your organization.


Software dev team is considered as the best value addition for startup teams considering the fact that the business will not grow without the presence of technology. Hiring a software dev team will not only help you to understand your brand philosophy but will also help you in ensuring that your product is fit for your team’s mission and vision. With the presence of your software team partner, it would help you to have a harmonious operation and development of your product or projects.



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