A big factor when outsourcing overseas is quality control. You need to make sure that the code written is on high quality stage and you must also know how to assess the developers’ portfolios on different outsourcing sites, are some of the the instances you need to face in order to pick and hire the right developer for your team.

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The fix?

  • Hire someone local as a consultant- he/she will assist on the development stage of your project
  • Conduct technical interview – this is one of the method that will help you in order to recognize and know the developers that has the best skillsets (especially in coding)


Code Collaboration

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When outsourcing overseas, collaboration is a big challenge. Wherever country you choose in hiring your developer, there can be big cultural issues that will come out according to the statement of work. Software development is naturally a collaborative method, but you can’t predict outsource developers to understand what you want to know because they are coming from separate context. That’s the reason why writing particular requirements is essential to have a good experience outsourcing.

The fix?  Use Scrum.

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Why Scrum?

  • Will help your team to stay organized on different projects
  • Provides clarity into project work
  • Focuses communication from team members


Logistical Challenges

One of the biggest challenge that an entrepreneur must face is being 100% remote and to have a developer in a various time zones. They may have to wake up in the middle of the night in order to connect and collaborate with their development team through conf calls, a time when they cannot do their great work.

The fix?

The right solution for this matter is to hire a team with a project manager who is either local or in a near time zone. Project Managers gives a shield between clients and developers, they can make sure non-technical needs are rendered properly, and in the case of outsourced development, they can make sure that the cultural issues related to hiring developers offshore are not taken for granted.



When launching your startup, there a million things that could go wrong, especially if you are outsourcing your work to a remote team. You need a reliable team who have experience of launching and scaling software applications.

At Bootyard, we have been launching and scaling Ruby on Rails apps since 2011. We have agile practices in place geared towards working efficiently with remote clients. If you have an project you want to work on, feel free to contact us info@bootyard.com